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Am currently being filmed by Advanced Technological Education Television for a program aimed at high school students. And tweeting/posting about it.

While wearing a super-sexy lab coat and safety glasses.
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Title:So, a guy walks into a bar...

Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Pairing: Harry/Perry, past Harry/Harmony

Rating: R, for swearing.

Summary: Sometimes a cliché is a cliché, sometimes it's not.

Author notes: Rated R for swearing. Written for [ profile] giddygeek for [ profile] yuletide 2010.

Thanks to Moriann and Izzy for beta duty, to Skud for introducing me to the movie and to BiPagan for encouragement and handholding.

AO3 link

So, a guy walks into a bar... )


Feb. 18th, 2011 04:11 pm
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Protests over our Governor's budget-repair bill and the damage it will do to unions are continuing for a fourth day and I'm off to protest (was able to go down for a few hours Wednesday, but wasn't able to make it Tue or Thu). I'm so incredibly proud of my fellow Wisconsinites for standing up, day after day, for what they believe in.

45 great Madison protest signs.
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Yup, have gotten hooked on Hawaii Five-0. It is very shiny and Alex O'Loughlin is very, very pretty.
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I've been meaning to make this post for a while now, but keep putting it off. Theres been some good, some bad and some really fucking bad.

Death in the family )
Death of Illya )
Adoption of a new cat )
Eva and Earl pictures )
School stuff )

2011: I order you to be better than 2010.

Okay, need to shower, finish up my yuletide fic and neaten up the place for when Mel comes over today.
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I found out yesterday that [ profile] bluster passed away earlier in the week.

I met her through the IRC due South #discourse chatroom back in 2002 and she was a wonderful person.

There is more information at [ profile] kelliem's post here

My thoughts and condolences to out to her friends and family.
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More here when I finish signing up :)

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Nicked wholesale from [personal profile] izzy.

I have too many songs I love to pick one favorite song. Instead, I'm picking the song that I remember loving for the longest. I fell in love with "You Can Get it if You Really Want" by Jimmy Cliff when I was about 5 or 6.

30 days )
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On the way back from the grocery store, my car broke down on a busy street (thankfully in the right lane). Three nice guys helped me push my car into a church parking lot and one of them let me use his phone so I could call [personal profile] bipagan who came and rescued me.

Judging by the alarming amount of red fluid under the car, one of them said it might be a cracked transmission line. Fingers crossed it is cheaper than when they had to repair a transmission leak back in March (where they had to take the entire engine apart to get to it, parts were under $300, labor was $1100).

Might as well ask them to do an oil change at the same time.
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[ profile] muskratjamboree registration is 12 EDT, Saturday October 23. General Information Post is here. 23 days until registration! THEN THE LONG WAIT UNTIL GO TIME STARTS!

It is a lot of fun and wicked fucking classy. and this time I swear I'm not going to get sick right before the outing to Jacques'!

Whee, off to work now (and call my landlord back when I get to work, for whatever reason he called me this morning and I just saw that he called).


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