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[ profile] sherlockrpf fic has not been abandoned. It has split into two different fics. The first part is mostly done at 2k and the second part is nowhere near done at 1.1k (splitting it into two parts means more porn \o/!). Just need to flesh out two scenes and finish one, then it is DONE.

No Sci-Fi Friday tonight (for about the last year it has been rather light on Sci-Fi, we do watch Lie to Me...), but [personal profile] bipagan, EH, TK and me are going to go The House on the Rock tomorrow and have dinner at my parents' restaurant afterwards.

I have told EH and TK that GPS is really, really not necessary for this trip because I went to high school less than 20 miles away, learned to drive in that area, I used to go by it when I got bored of the usual way to Madison; and that to get there is simply taking the first Dodgeville exit, turning right on 23 North and just keep going.

I could drive it in my sleep. Granted, my spatial/driving direction relationship with the Twin Cities is complicated and I frequently get lost but I did move from the area before I learned to drive.

I will not let them mansplain it to me. And no fucking GPS.

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